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Orte - 15 March 15:41

Hot minou, attends insouciants relations pour les plaisirs sexuels. Fais-le, prends le telephone et venez, Je ferai tout, que tu veux!

Laderer - 29 March 15:56

В жизни скромная фигуристая девушка показала себя с самой развратной стороны, а заодно и молодую давалку, он нагнул раком и засадил суке глубоко в пизду.

Зайдя в комнату, "I'm Nick!".

Norman - 7 March 12:21

Stick it to her hard. Make her moan. She'll think twice about flirting with other men.

Hoxsie - 7 August 11:51

I am happy that you can do a sponsored video, but sad that I didn't know it was sponsored right at the start. To be clear, I love sexplanations (so tempting to stop at sex), and I think that sponsored videos can be a part of making it work financially, but I would appreciate if you would explicitly address the new ethical territory you've entered.

Wilfred - 27 July 09:44

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Saraiva - 26 December 10:21

She makes me wish I were a teen again

Bahner - 12 September 21:34

Good thing no one is listening to you period. before or after an advert. but for the record, it simply means she has an interesting enough video that people will watch even with them.

Cucchiaro - 2 September 19:34

Because all of those people face social, cultural, and LEGAL persecution in their DAILY LIVES for not falling into the binary cis hetero norm that you do. That club we get to be a part of is a COMMUNITY of MARGINALIZED and OPPRESSED people. You don't get a freakin medal for joining.

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